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From Rock to Alternative, Ska to Broadway, Progressive Pop to Cabaret, Techno Pop to Monty Pythonesque comedy music; his tastes and influences seemed endless. The lyrical themes cover all that's human from love, heartbreak, politics to philosophy. He was 

most influenced by his early collaborator Celsus Solar, who with his witty humor, musical influences and intellectual confidence, lifted him up to a place above what was mainstream.


Born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Phil spent his youth in West-Germany (German Airforce brat) attending German schools. His family emigrated to the US, South-Texas in 1981. 

Armed with his tobacco '78 sunburst Ibanez Iceman, he joined a local band with Paul Olivari, Oscar and Hector Batiz and began his double life as a performing musician while attending college, also  collaborating with other songwriters like  Itzel Medina-Garcia, Raul Trevino and Jorge Garcia. After returning from the Army reserves, he learned to play the piano and continued composing on his own through college, building a vast repertoire of original songs crossing various genres in his makeshift recording studio, copyrighting many of his songs along with Celsus' songs  under Gawen/Solar. 

He eventually graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Counseling Psychology and spent the next 20 years working in Public Schools and private practice.

During this time he married Christine Armendariz and had two boys (Siegfried and Sebastian) who are now well on their way to their own successes. Phil is currently a builder of Grateful Dead Tribute guitars and his own designs.

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