New Songs

"Syncopathic" is Phil Gawen's 9th album, covering at least 5 genres of musical styles (along with his 8th album). These songs have never been published before and cover some of his original compositions from 1982 to 1986. He plays all instruments, including digitally sampled instruments and sings all vocals. Aside from 2 songs which contain contributions from Thomas Love (end of "I Go Down") and Dave Liebman  on "Session 10" on saxophone, he played all instruments (...a covid-19 effect). The demos are lower grade mp3s. The purchased album will be in full CD quality wave format. He is still tweaking it. The twin to this album (recorded during the same time frame) is "Her Master's Voice", which you can find under "Albums".

He highly advises these songs be heard in "HIGH FIDELITY" with at least enough room to dance in place. To see the lyrics, click on the little musical note beside the speaker symbol in the PLAYER.

© 1983/86 Gawen/Solar

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